Friday, January 22, 2010

Thai Sock Dolls number 5

Ahaaa! So cute. Invite thsi Thai sock dolls into your home. Very pleasing to own.

Thai Sock Dolls design number 4.

Pleasing sock dolls design number 4.

Sock Dolls Design 3

Parade of beautiful Thai sock dolls.Design number 3.

New From Sock Dolls Gallery 2

This is the second sock dolls design created by our creative staff. Cute!

Latest Dolls From Sockdollsgallery 1

This is the latest creation from Sockdolls Gallery.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thai Dolls Update 5

An assortment of hill tribes dolls in various dressing of different colours. Very pleasing sight.

Thai Dolls Update 4

Best sock dolls to attract tourist. Cheap and pleasant to own. Good for gifts on festive occassion.

Thai Dolls Update 3

Sock dolls in a kaleidoscope of colours. Very pleasing sight. Another winner design and never failed to attract tourist.

Thai Dolls Update 2

Thai Dolls Update 1

Hill tribes dolls rich in cultural costumes. This is a classic design. Continue to be a perenial favourites with our clients.